Tiny Tots Nursery School

Demonda Evanisky and her students decided to take action against bullying in their community by displaying acts of kindness. Students ages 3 and 4 walked around the community doing “Candy Cane Bombings,” where the students either handed out candy canes or left them on vehicle windshields. Students also took part in a “Sharing Tree” and asked that other students within the school helped decorate the tree as well. The students did Easter Caroling to private care homes, and took them a basket full of goodies. The students also made bookmarks out of dried flowers and set them out at the local library for patrons to take. Donation of granola bars and water were made to the local fire department. The SRC planned a day of team building and the Tiny Tots supplied the prizes for the entire school plus ice cream treats for the day. Students also gave every mom a flower on grad day as a thank you for raising them. Mr. Freezies were provided to the entire school and the daycare on the hottest day of Spring. The school principle was rewarded for all his support with lunch and the students affected by bullying were treated to milkshakes. The remaining $150.00 of the grant was donated to a Steering Riding School that built a positive experience for youth both online and in person.