Become a BKO Ambassador

Do people say you’re kind? Passionate? Informed?

Do you want to make the world a little bit better?

Are you comfortable talking about big ideas?

Then we have an opportunity that’s made for you. We’re looking for Saskatchewan residents who are eager to make their online communities better as digital ambassadors and content creators for Be Kind Online.

Be Kind Online is a social movement—a reminder to rethink your online behaviour, embrace our connectedness, and spread positivity. And we want you to be part of a team that addresses the very real problem of cyber-bullying with compassion and solutions.

Help us promote kindness and provide hope while we all face the unique challenges of the digital age.

Current Ambassadors

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Derek Watson

I am honoured to live, work, and raise my family in Saskatchewan and have always embodied a deep passion to care for our community and those who make this such a remarkable place.
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Janvi Tuteja

I have always had a passion for voicing my opinions on issues that are stereotyped, taking a strong against bullying, and being an advocate for mental health.
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Courtney Stewart

In my spare time I love volunteering in my community and finding ways to make positive change.
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Dao Duong

In my life, I always believe that kindness is simply sharing the best part of our hearts with those around us to make a little better place for everyone.
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Lauren Lavoie

I'm Lauren! As a teacher and artist, I'm very passionate about leaving the world a little kinder than it once was.
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Erin Berger

All throughout my working life, my passion is always to help people locate a source of joy in their life, to find ways to learn and have fun everyday and to help remove barriers for people to start their journey to a happy place.