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We’re passionate about spreading kindness. How passionate? We’re giving grants up to $1,000 to youth with ideas on how to spread kindness in their communities. Have an idea? Want to tackle issues surrounding bullying? Apply for a grant today.

Grant Eligibility and Terms

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Grant Recipients

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Lord Asquith School

Lord Asquith School's KINDness campaign began as a simple assignment for their Media Studies 20 class with only 6 students. The students were challenged to design a campaign that would try to change the hate online. Through a survey, the impact of hate and kindness in students’ lives was assessed. From this was born a desire from the students to inspire the people in their school to say kind words about each other to brighten the lives of those around them and to make everyone feel special and valued.
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Tommy Douglas High School

High school should be a safe and welcoming environment so that you can educate yourself for your future. The students and staff at Tommy Douglas are working to spread kindness to prevent bullying by creating a safe and welcoming environment in a number of ways!
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École Wascana Plains School Kindness Crew

The Grade 5 and Grade ⅚ English classes created a group whose mission is to spread kindness and positivity in their school and community.
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Sacred Heart High School

We started a group at Sacred Heart called UROCK - You Reaching Out to Create Kindness. We look for opportunities for students to help others in the city of Yorkton, as well as in Canada and internationally.
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