For Educators

SaskTel Be Kind Online has a lot of resources that we’re happy to share. If you’re a teacher looking to educate students, get more information, or spread a little positivity send us a message and ask about some of our resources. We have posters, Cyber Safety Tip cards, information about Grants, and activity booklets. Check out some of the resources below that you can get right away to share with your class.

Be Kind Online Mental Wellness Videos

SaskTel Be Kind Online has created a series of short mental wellness videos targeting different age groups.

The videos are age appropriate, focus on anxiety, and include a breathing exercise to help alleviate anxiety.

Dealing with Anxiety – Kindergarten to Grade 4
Dealing with Anxiety – Grade 5 to Grade 8
Dealing with Anxiety – Grade 9 to Grade 12
Dealing with Anxiety – Adults

Print Your Own

Here are a few Be Kind Online Resources that you can print yourself to share in the classroom.

Request Resources

Please note – resources will only be sent to Saskatchewan addresses.

Please fill out the information in the form below. Choose which resources you would like, what quantity you need, and we will contact you about sending printed copies.


    BKO Posters

    Posters 8.5” x 11"

    Our Posters can be used to share the message of ‘Help stop bullying.’ in your classroom or around your school.

    BKO Posters

    Posters 11” x 17"

    Our Posters can be used to share the message of ‘Help stop bullying.’ in your classroom or around your school.

    BKO Grant Booklet

    Grant Booklet

    Our Grant Booklet is a small 12-page booklet that talks about our grant program. There are examples from past grant recipients and details about how you can apply.

    BKO Cyber Safety Tip Cards

    Cyber Safety Tip Cards

    Our Cyber Safety Tip cards are a 6x9 postcard that has tips for staying safe online.

    BKO Activity Booklets

    Activity Booklets

    The Activity Booklet is great for younger kids. It has fun activities and helps to explain cyber safety and encourage kindness.

    BKO Parent Brochure

    Parent Brochure

    The Parent Brochure is a trifold brochure that can be handed out to students to share with their parents or given directly to parents. It helps to educate them on awareness, keeping an eye out for any issues, and also includes our Cyber Safety Tips.

    If you want more than the maximum selected, please state that in your message below and we will contact you directly.