Blaine Lake School-Cold Days, Warm Hearts

The Blaine Lake School Journalism class had a goal to help those who are homeless or in need – in Saskatoon and called their initiative “Cold Days, Warm Hearts”. The group decided that they would use the grant money to purchase goods needed by those who are homeless and/or struggling to access items they need.  The group partnered with the Friendship Inn in Saskatoon and to help stretch the grant money further, they got support from local community members who made very generous donations. Students were amazed at how, just by sending out a few flyers and telling the community, their donations more than doubled learning that sometimes we can make change just by asking others to help! Students took a van full of donations (clothing, bedding, personal hygiene items, etc.) to the Friendship Inn and volunteered for the day. The impact of this project can be seen in the following statements from the students:

  • ” I think it was a really fun way of helping other people and contributing to the communities of the city.”
  • “This made me feel really good.”
  • “After this experience I feel super privileged.  They have to choose between work and a good meal and I don’t think it’s fair.”
  • “The highlight of the day was basically seeing people going to get the stuff they need.”
  • “The highlight for me was seeing people’s smiles and making small conversations.”
  • “It feels nice to actually do something for someone else. I know that the donations will be well used at the Friendship Inn.”
  • “Something that stood out to me is the sheer number of people that showed up and need help.”
  • “When people came back to the counter just to say ‘thank you’. It felt so good.”
  • “I actually did something for others.  We actually can make a little bit of a difference.” 
  • “I wish we could have donated even more! It made me feel good seeing the smiles everyone gave us.”