Evan Hardy Soul Ambassadors: Project Buddy

Project Buddy is a new program established by Soul Ambassadors (one of the clubs at our school-Evan Hardy Collegiate Institute). Soul Ambassadors is a club open to all grades of students who are passionate about building a world of understanding and friendship. We host various events trying to build bridges between students in our own building and our community.

One of our new programs for this year is Project Buddy, where Soul Ambassadors are paired with newcomers to Canada, who are also new members of our school community. Being home to students from over 25 countries, a program like Project Buddy is very much needed. Project Buddy aligns with the message of the I Am Stronger Grants by building an inclusive space for refugee and newcomer youth in our building. By welcoming new students and forging a long lasting relationship with them through group and personal activities, we hope Project Buddy translates to a smoother integration for new members of our school community. This year, we have more than 40 new students signed up for the Project Buddy program.