Glen Elm Community School: Glen Elm GSA

Glen Elm Community School showed their pride on RBE Pride Day! The Glen Elm GSA planned and led a morning full of activities for the classrooms.  Included in these activities were a Kahoot, a pronoun game, and a PowerPoint presentation intended to spark discussion and dialogue. Thanks to a SaskTel Be Kind Online grant, the Library was gifted with a new collection of LGBTQ2+ inclusive books, for all reading levels, as chosen by the GSA. Some money from this grant was also used to purchase rainbow pencils, to which the GSA members attached a message of ‘Pride Positivity’ and handed out to all the students in the school. And what would the day be without rainbow Skittles for everyone?!! The Be Kind Online grant also purchased RBE Pride T-shirts for all members of the Glen Elm GSA. In the afternoon, the classrooms, who dressed colour alike, marched in the order of the rainbow in their own Pride neighbourhood walk. Rainbow flags, purchased from the grant money, were waved in celebration. Glen Elm Community School is proud of honouring the diversity which is our strength.