Lakeview Elementary – Clusters of Kindness

“The goal with this group is to model and reinforce to our students the importance of giving to others and the virtues we teach at our school.  Virtues like responsibility, empathy, and kindness”-Nicole Munroe (coordinator).

Sixty-three grade four students were divided into groups to delivered forty-four bouquets. Each group can deliver four to eight bouquets a week. The goal of delivery is very simple;  TO BRIGHTEN UP SOMEONE’S DAY! 

To date Clusters of Kindness have surprised an older lady in a parking lot, a cashier at Red Apple, drive-through worker at Tim Horton’s, kindergarten teacher, an elderly woman in the Villa, a drive through worker at McDonald’s,  a secretary at a middle school,  and a woman whose brother passed away just the day before.   “The recipients are not planned beforehand, but we discuss where we would like to go, and deliver to the first person we see meet”-Nicole Munroe.