Lord Asquith School

Lord Asquith School’s KINDness campaign began as a simple assignment for their Media Studies 20 class with only 6 students.  The students were challenged to design a campaign that would try to change the hate online.  Through a survey, the impact of hate and kindness in students’ lives was assessed. One of the questions asked was, “What is the nicest compliment someone has given ever given you?” While there were many wonderful responses, one in particular stood out: “The only people who say nice things to me are my parents, and that doesn’t really count.” From this was born a desire from the students to inspire the people in their school to say kind words about each other to brighten the lives of those around them and to make everyone feel special and valued.  The older students worked with the elementary students to write notes of kindness to each other, then turned these into bookmarks that would always remind them of the special ways others view them. For the middle years and high school students, a kindness box was created and located at the front office so people can write notes of kindness to others. These messages are turned into magnets and displayed throughout the classrooms.  Students have already begun to see kindness spread throughout their school and hopefully everyone will now be able to see themselves in the positive ways others do. With the grant money received students plan to pay it forward by supplying furniture and sensory items for a Zen room in the building that will provide a safe environment for students and teachers struggling with mental health!