Sedley School: Buddy Bench

At Sedley School, students have discovered the power of kindness and they believe it deserves to be spread far and wide. And though the hallways of Sedley School clearly show a culture of kindness, there was one place where grade 6 student Aleeya believed still needed a special touch: the playground.  While many students get to build relationships in the classroom, Aleeya noticed that there wasn’t as many chances for students from different grades to get to know one another. As a member of the school’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) she tries to get kids involved in school activities but felt that something permanent outside would help to create a safe and happy place for kids during recess.  Aleeya applied for a Be Kind Online grant asking for funds so that the school could buy a “buddy bench” for their newly renovated playground as well as a school-wide BBQ and activity. In the spring Sedley School staff and students with the help of the Sedley Community Council held a barbecue where afternoon was also filled with an Amazing Race where students and staff worked in groups to complete many challenges and obstacles.  During the summer the beautification of our school grounds was completed and a new addition of a Buddy Bench was added . From all accounts, the Sedley School buddy bench is a great success. Sedley students are now putting the lessons they’ve learned about kindness into action when they see someone sitting by themselves.