Tommy Douglas High School

My name is Maham and I wanted to give back to my community and school in my last year of school.  With the help of the SaskTel Be Kind Online Grant I am accomplishing that goal through many initiatives. High school should be a safe and welcoming environment so that you can educate yourself for your future. The students and staff at Tommy Douglas are working on their new year resolutions to be kinder and spread kindness to prevent bullying by creating a safe and welcoming environment. To prevent bullying students and staff will be scouting the school for kind acts and nominate those who spread kindness for random acts of kindness. This will make people aware of the little things they do that make an impact on those around them. It also shows other students’ examples of actions they can take to help make the school more welcoming. We kicked off our random acts of kindness in the school on February 17 which was National Random Acts of Kindness Day with a little dread of cheer in the school community. We will also work on lasting ways to make Tommy Douglas a welcoming place with initiatives like board games at lunch in the ESL (English as a second language) room and for our FLS (functional life skills) class that will continue to help students learn the importance of kindness and making new friends. We are currently working on these initiatives and planning many more ways to be kind here at Tommy Douglas Collegiate.