Better Together

The staff at Rivier Elementary School began “Better Together Tuesdays” at the beginning of the 2022-2023 School Year. Their vision was to expand and celebrate “Better Together” Tuesdays school wide. Thanks to the Be Kind Grant from SaskTel, Rivier Elementary were able to order “Better Together” t-shirts for each of the students in grades 3-6.

This encouraged the students to wear their t-shirts to school each Tuesday. Rivier Elementary School plans to keep the “Better Together” t-shirts in circulation at the school over the next several years so the students are asked to return their shirts to the school at the end of the year so that they can be washed, stored, and redistributed at the beginning of 2023-2024 School Year.

Along with wearing the t-shirts each week, Better Together is also incorporating class-led and school wide kindness activities with the “Better Together Tuesday” theme. Some of the activities that have been done so far are a Community Clean-up afternoon, making and randomly distributing kindness cards to people in the community, writing words of kindness and inspiration on painted rocks and distributing the rocks in random places in the community, and doing guardian angel activities at the school level (older students helping younger students with activities).