Bikes for Kindness

Mrs. Nagy and the Building Active Leaders class applied for the Be Kind Online Grant before Christmas. After securing the grant, the students were busy campaigning local businesses for bikes for a lower cost. The students then attached name plates for the Active Building Leaders Program. From there, the group had a bike safety day to ensure that they could all ride bikes safely within the community.

Students received hands on training for bicycle safety from RCMP Cst. Kimberley Flett. Classroom teacher Kristen Nagy said, “the afternoon spent with RCMP Cst. Kimberley Flett was to make sure the students were ready to go riding in the community as part of the program’s efforts to do some random acts of kindness.” To spread the acts of kindness around the community, it was important that the students were able to ride bicycles around the community, as walking limited where they might go in the amount of time allotted to them.

The students can now go out into the community and do-little things that show kindness, ranging from simple messages left on a nature trail, a nicely painted rock to illicit a smile, or more direct efforts. This helps students learn communication, collaboration, and leadership along the way.