Kindness Cart

Radville Regional School has challenged its students to spread acts of kindness. Staff and students were able to nominate students for their kind acts to the “Kindness Club.” As students completed acts of kindness, a pompom is added to their classes jar. The class with the fullest jar will receive a visit from the Kindness Cart. The recent winning class won a donut delivery from the Kindness Cart.

Another way to improve the wellbeing of students was the breakfast cart. The cart was made for students to grab a snack to promote healthy eating. The cart contained fruit, muffins, apple sauce, and granola bars.

The team also celebrated Pink Shirt Day and International Womens Day. For Pink Shirt Day, students created a “compliment train.” Everyone who had written a compliment and attached it to the train received a goody bag. For International Womens Day, the students created a bulletin board where students wrote down a woman that inspires them.

The Kindness Club at the Radville Regional School is working hard to engage the school community and promote kindness for years to come.