Legacy Park Elementary School’s Neighbor’s Club

The Neighbor’s Club was formed in 2022 at the LPES school to encourage students in grade 6 to promote kindness by visiting the residents at Weyburn Special Care Home. This after school club involves doing activities with residents like games, crafts, and music.  The Neighbors Club provides transportation home so that that is not a barrier to joining the club. 

“The seniors at the Care Home find great pleasure in seeing our students and many students ask for a resident by name after they get to know them and have made that connection with them.  It’s wonderful to see the smiles on residents faces and to see our students be gentle and supportive as the residents are learning a game or trying a craft and need help,” stated Tanice Abramson, the adult leader of the Neighbors Club. With the Be Kind Online grant, the club purchased several boardgames to play with the residents. The Neighbor’s Club is looking forward to future games and crafts with their neighbors at the Weyburn Special Care Home.