• Individuals, schools, clubs, and organizations are eligible to apply with the exception of those associated with a political party or activity, lobby group, or religious organization.
  • Initiatives must be led by Saskatchewan youth residents and take place in Saskatchewan.
  • Application must indicate how the activity or initiative will align with the Be Kind Online philosophies of inclusion, positivity, and influencing social change. Initiatives that focus on the depiction of violence, exclusion, or the negative impacts of bullying will not be accepted.

Terms of Grant

  • Grants can be submitted anytime throughout the year. Applicants are eligible to receive funding once a year. Funding to repeat initiatives may be limited.
  • Activities must demonstrate youth leadership and promote youth engagement.
  • Activities must be sponsored by an adult willing to be responsible for reporting requirement and handling of funds.
  • Youth leaders will be asked to measure their impact. This might include determining the number of people participating or reached by the initiative while demonstrating the impact on those people.
  • Funding is to be used for ongoing initiatives and/or activities and evidence of how youth are involved in and benefit from the initiative is required. Planning, execution, and follow up of the activity are also required.
  • Applications must include a detailed budget that depicts how the grant funds will be spent. For initiatives that exceed the Be Kind Online grant maximum, an indication of other funding partners or a plan to meet the budget shortfall is required.
  • Whenever possible, Be Kind Online will have a presence. Applicants should be open to having a SaskTel Be Kind Online manager participate, observe, or visit activities that are funded. When appropriate, Be Kind Online will also provide a visual presence such as setting up a Be Kind Online information booth and/or providing promotional materials that enhance the activity.
  • Funds cannot be used for personal promotion or advancement (e.g. competitions).
  • Successful grant recipients will be required to submit information for their “Grant Recipient” page on bekindonline.com. The establishment of the Be Kind Online “Grant Recipient” page will allow organizations, schools, and groups to promote their kindness initiatives and share their success.
  • Funds may be used for travel costs associated with youth providing service to others (e.g. food banks, nursing homes); travel expenses associated with youth attending events such as We Day or Pink Day rallies will not be covered.
  • Funds will not be issued to cover speaker fees, honorariums, or associated speaker costs.
  • Events and/or projects that have already received funding through SaskTel sponsorship will not be eligible for grant funds. 
  • Waiver forms are required by anyone appearing in Be Kind Online images, stories, and videos.
  • Grant cheques must be payable to a school or non-profit organization.
  • Funding will not be provided for expenses already incurred.

For more information about the Be Kind Online grant application, please send an email to info@bekindonline.com.