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Be Kind Online is a movement as much as it is a message. Check back frequently on how we are sharing good deeds and spreading kindness.

Be Kind Online Program Launch

SaskTel today announced that I Am Stronger, one of Canada’s oldest dedicated cyberbullying prevention and awareness programs, is transforming to better meet the needs of a new generation by becoming Be Kind Online!

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Be Kind Online: Third Annual I Am Stronger Rally

Students packed the Greenall High School gym in Balgonie for the third annual I Am Stronger (IAS) Rally on November 14, in honour of National Bullying Awareness Week.

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Canadian Legal Consequences of Cyberbullying

This page provides an overview of Canadian cyberbullying laws including federal cyberbullying legislation, other laws related to cyberbullying, links to provincial laws related to cyberbullying and other federal government resources to learn more about the law.

Canadian Legal Consequences of Cyberbullying

Common Sense Media

The website contains resources to incorporate digital citizenship education into the classroom including lesson plans, videos and interactive assessments to measure student understanding of digital citizenship and digital literacy concepts.


Get Cyber Safe

Created by the Government of Canada, this website will increase awareness of common online threats and cyber safety. The site contains interactive videos and information about cyberbullying for parents and teens.



MyGSA.ca is Canada’s website for safer and inclusive schools for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) community. The site contains resources for parents and educators.


PFLAG Canada

PFLAG Canada provides support for individuals and families to understand and accept their non-heterosexual children. You can connect with a provincial chapter, send an email, tweet or poke, or explore other resources.


2nd Annual I Am Stronger Rally

The second annual I Am Stronger rally was a success! We had so much fun celebrating Pink Shirt Day on February 28th at Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon. Along with prizes, T-shirts, and 900 pink cookies.

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I Am Stronger Month

I Am Stronger month is back! As September approaches and kids prepare to head back to class, many look forward to the new year ahead. Sadly, there are far too many students that dread the potential for bullying a new semester brings. Let’s change that!

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