Guard yourself against the effects of bullying and cyberbullying with these resources. Learn ways to stay safer online, find assistance for those in need (yourself or others), or simply get educated on how to be a better advocate for inclusion.

We’ve got the tools for everyone, from kids to teens, teachers to parents.


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Gender Creative Kids

This website supports and affirms gender creative kids and their families, communities and schools. Also available in French and Arabic.

Gender Creative Kids

Bullying Prevention Tips for Youth

Check out these bullying prevention tips from the Government of Alberta. Learn More

Government of Alberta - Bullying Prevention Tips

Ignition Online Course on Digital Citizenship

Ignition is an online course for grades 5-8 students. The resource addresses digital citizenship topics including: cyberbullying, Ignition online course aligns with Saskatchewan's Digital Citizenship Continuum. Available in English and French.

Ignition Online Course on Digital Citizenship

Literature to Promote Social-Emotional Development in Preschool Aged Children

A resource for educators and families of preschool aged children of children's literature to promote social-emotional development in preschool aged children.

Literature to Promote Social Emotional Development in Preschool Aged Children

Media Smarts

MediaSmarts' educational K-12 resources cover a wide-range of issues in “traditional” media and digital media. The resources align with provincial curriculum and the majority of the resources are free. There are supports to help students learn how to address cyberbullying, strategies, overview of Canadian laws, resources for parents and for teachers.

Media Smarts

Ministry of Education Policy Statement: Student Alliances for Gender and Sexual Diversity in Saskatchewan Schools

The Ministry of Education has a policy statement regarding student alliances for gender and sexual diversity in Saskatchewan schools that encourages and supports school division discussions, policy development and safe school practices for all students.

106357-Alliances for Gender and Sexual Diversity Policy GSD 2015

Need Help Now provides information to youth who have been negatively impacted by a sexual picture/video being shared by peers. The website outlines what information should be included when contacting a website to request the removal of content, sample complaints and step-by-step information for contacting popular websites.

Need Help Now

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

This bilingual website offers resources and tools for Canadian educators and parents. The tools were created to help advise youth about the relevance and importance of privacy when using digital technologies. Resources include presentation packages for educators and parents, fact sheets, discussion topics, other tools and videos.

Privacy Education for Kids

Parenting in a Digital Age: Understanding Kids and Technology

PREVNet and Primus collaborated to create this Canadian website with cyberbullying resources for parents. The website features the latest research and resources to enable parents to do their part to help their children and teens promote healthy relationships online.

Parenting in a Digital Age


PREVNET provides information about what teens need to know and what they can do if they are a bully, if they are bullied, or if they witness bullying. This site also helps young people understand the difference between teasing and bullying.