Guard yourself against the effects of bullying and cyberbullying with these resources. Learn ways to stay safer online, find assistance for those in need (yourself or others), or simply get educated on how to be a better advocate for inclusion.

We’ve got the tools for everyone, from kids to teens, teachers to parents.



9-8-8: Suicide Crisis Helpline

Canadians can call or text 9-8-8 to access bilingual, trauma-informed, and culturally appropriate mental health and suicide prevention support. Learn More

9-8-8: Suicide Crisis Helpline

Classroom Resources to Counter Cyberbullying – Portal Page

MediaSmarts has developed a series of lessons to give students a better understanding of the ethical and legal implications of cyberbullying and to promote positive Internet use. Intended to support and enhance school-based anti-bullying and empathy-building programs. Learn More

Cyberbullying Portal

What To Do When Your Child Cyberbullies Others

Together we can stop cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is using computers, smartphones or other connected devices to embarrass, hurt, mock, threaten or be mean to someone online. Get information and tips on what to do if this issue affects you or someone you care about.

Public Safety Canada

Be Kind Online Mental Health Videos

Check out these short mental wellness videos that focus on anxiety. Learn More

Be Kind Online Mental Health Videos

There’s No Excuse

MediaSmarts and TELUS Wise have created a series of four short videos and accompanying resources called There’s No Excuse to help start the conversation around sexting and healthy relationships, and help youth understand that forwarding a sext can do a lot of harm. Learn More

Media Smarts - There's No Excuse

211 Saskatchewan

211 is a three-digit phone number and website that provides information to community services in Saskatchewan. Learn More

A Guide for Trusted Adults

A Guide for Trusted Adults prepares all the adults young women turn to when they need help when they have problems online. Learn More

A Guide for Trusted Adults
A guide for trusted adults

Canadian Association For Suicide Prevention

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) provides information and resources to communities to reduce the suicide rate and minimize the risk of suicide contagion. Learn More

Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
In Crisis? Call Talk Suicide Canada 1-833-456-4566. Kids Help Phone 1-800-668-6868. If you’re in imminent danger call 911 or go to Emergency.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection offer a number of programs, services and resources for Canadians to help protect children and reduce their risk of victimization.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection